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a group of colored pencils sitting on top of a white sheet with the words watercolor pencil techniques written below it
How To Use Watercolor Pencils (aka my favorite new way to make art!)
How to use watercolor pencils: an easy and fun way to make your own beautiful art! SO much easier than using a paintbrush!
colorful pencils with the words watercolor pencil ideas for beginners on top of them
How to Use Watercolor Pencils
Adult Coloring Techniques. Tips and ideas for beginners using watercolor pencils. #adultcoloringtechniques
a poster with pencils on it that says, peopied pencil techniques compared compared
Colored Pencil Blending Techniques: Blending Basics, Solvents & More
Ready to learn some advanced colored pencil blending techniques? Learn how to blend colored pencils with solvents, blending pencils, and more inn this coloring tutorial!
a drawing of a pink lotus flower with green leaves in the foreground and a white background
45 Beautiful Flower Drawings and Realistic Color Pencil Drawings
a close up of a person holding a pencil with some sort of material on it
How to Use Prismacolor Pencils |
Prismacolor colored pencils are high-quality pencils, rich in pigments. These pencils are a top choice for artists of all experience levels. These pencils are great for layering and blending, and come in 132 shades. Colored pencils are a unique medium because they are both translucent and opaque. The following are several techniques which can help...
how to blend colored pencils with an art project | Express Your Creativity!
Lean how to blend colored pencils and achieve perfectly colored artwork!
a cup filled with lots of different colored pencils
29+ Prismacolor Pencil Tips & Techniques
29 Prismacolor Pencil Tips & Techniques
colored pencils with the words how to erase colored pencils
How to Erase Colored Pencils Marks Completely Easily! (+ Tips)
Erasing Colored Pencils can be very helpful. As an artist, I tend to use colored pencils to sketch. Red pencils to be precise! It is also very common for animators, to use red pencils when sketching. Why? The main reason is that of its contrast. Here are some Techniques and Tools to Erase Colored Pencils!
the only blending method you'll ever need for colored pencils is to use
The Only Methods You'll Ever Need for Blending Colored Pencil — Carrie L. Lewis, Artist
The ONLY Blending Methods You'll Ever Need for Colored Pencil
an assortment of colored pencils sitting on top of a wooden box with the title how to organize colored pencils by color
How to Organize Your Colored Pencil Collection
Learn how to organize your colored pencils by color order on Cleverpedia. Includes color charts, organization tools and more for Prismacolors, Polychromos, and other brands!
a color chart with different shades of paint on it and the words, colors blending chart
How to Blend Prismacolors
What is Prismacolor?Prismacolor is a colored pencil that blends layer upon layer with other...
colored pencils with the words colored pencil basics for beginners
Colored Pencil Basics for Beginners — Carrie L. Lewis, Artist
Colored Pencil Basics for Beginners
a bottle of gamsol next to a marker and pen on a wooden table
Gamsol Overview and Demonstration
I recently bought some new rubber stamps and they are perfect for coloring. However, using markers can be a bit challenging and I was ready to pull out my colored pencils again. Recently Jennifer McGuire mentioned Gamsol- a colorless, odorless mineral spirit used for blending pencils and I thought