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Clothespin Math on a clothes hanger! Easy to make, and self explanatory. I'm thinking a wire clothes hanger would work better, so the clothes pins are easy to slide back and forth (almost like an abacus).

Measuring with Legos: fun math for kids

maths with lego

Fantastic ideas for lego maths games - fun learning! We did so much of this in Kindergarten - measuring with Lego, Popsicle sticks, kids!

Hoofdletter/kleine letter matchen

Clothing study: work station, matching upper to lower case letters. For differentiation create a set of matching upper to upper case or lower to lower case as needed. The Preschool Experiment: Tot Trays: Laundry Theme

Winter Rekenen - Teltabel

Winter Math Worksheets & Activities No Prep

Kindergarten Winter Math Worksheets & Activities - Winter No Prep. A page from the unit: count and graph