zig zag houses 3-d paper

Zig Zag Paper Houses - Kids can make a whole paper village, then uses toy cars to drive through it! These look like they would also make great Father's Day cards too! / lilla a:design

great idea, stamping with cardboard ..... buildings, robots

"Kindergarteners learned about different kinds of architecture. We used stamp printing techniques to create the geometric shapes that make up a building. grade or kindergarten art project- blueprints"


H is for House: A Letter of the Week Preschool Craft

Chimney Math

Chimney Math - build "chimneys" using cubes to match a number. Also can use dice to roll to add up to the correct number and then any leftover go for the next chimney.

Huisjes van melkpakken en tuintjes met tuinkers!

I think this must mean something like "make some little houses with little gardens." We could use recyclables and sprouts seeds.

Amazing Buildings from around the world!!!

Goes well with Roberto the Insect Architect Amazing Buildings from around the world!