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a drop of water sitting on top of a red flower petals in the middle of an abstract photo
~~Topping | water drop flower macro | by Marilena Fattore~~
the water is green and blue with some yellow reflections on it's surface,
Fine Artist - About - Bruce Peninsula
Margarethe Vanderpas - Fine Artist - About - Bruce Peninsula
an abstract photograph of colorful lights and bubbles
a rainbow colored cloud in the sky with a wave coming up from it's center
The Weather Network
Fire rainbows are not actually rainbows and have no connection with fires. The true name for this exquisitely beautiful optical effect is “circumhorizontal arc”. The phenomenon can only be viewed under certain precise conditions: the cirrus clouds that act as prisms must be at least 20,000 feet high and the sun must strike them when it is at an elevation of 58 to 68 degrees. Fire rainbows are never seen at locations situated more than 55 degrees north or south.
water droplets are seen in this close up photo, with blue and green hues
water droplets are floating on the surface of a spider's web with flowers in it
Art- Flowers in raindrops/ digital art
a water drop with the words god's light shines through the storm and fills us with hope
Anti Aging Food Pyramid
Iridescent Water Drops
a water droplet with blue and green colors is shown in this image, it appears to be floating on the surface
Welkom op
Kristal water dat versteend is
drops of water on a metal surface
a beautiful world
Great reference of water droplets... study the tonal values and drawing them should be easier!
an image of a snake skin pattern in blue and green
Iridescent ammonite.
Iridescent fish skin by natalie-w
the word listen contains the same letters as the word silentt on a green background
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#springforpears and #usapears. #heritagecollection
a man riding a wave on top of a surfboard in the ocean under water
Marlow Lou