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Projectjes met wol.
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many different colored yarns are piled together
Hair, Hair Styles, Dreadlocks, Beauty
Clogs, Dansko Professional Clog
there is a multicolored blanket on top of a table next to a heater
a purple object sitting on top of a wooden table
a spinning wheel with yarn on it in the process of being sewed by someone
multicolored skeins of yarn sitting on top of each other
the yarn is multicolored and ready to be dyed
some yarn is sitting on top of a wooden box
a wooden bench sitting in front of a window next to a plant on a table
a wooden spinning machine sitting on top of a carpeted floor
a black cat sitting in front of a tv
a spool of thread is attached to a spinning wheel
Ondertussen gaat het met project katoen ook wel lekker.
a spinning machine with yarn on it and a sheepskin rug next to it in a room
Begin van project grijs, met wit blauw, paars en roze. Eerste rolags gesponnen...
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Zelfgemaakte rolags