an old gas station with red and white trim on the front, and two pumps at the back
Domein Gereserveerd -
black and white photograph of an empty building with curved walkways in the foreground
EPFL, Rolex Learning Center, Lausanne
a house built into the side of a cliff
Minimalist villa on a cliff in Calabria italy – Architecture Design
the back end of a yellow van parked in a field
The S+S Multirail
The S S Multirail.
there are three different pictures with cars in the back ground and on the inside wall
a large yellow structure sitting in the middle of a forest
The Futuro was designed by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen, he designed the UFO style houses in 1968 to be used as ski-cabins and Summer holiday homes.
an old concrete building sitting next to a body of water
تصميم سيره ذاتيه | CV on Twitter
This would make one hell of a summer house!!! Bloso Outdoor is an abandoned outdoor sports facility near the Belgium village of Hofstade.
an abandoned concrete building next to a body of water with trees and bushes in the background
I wish I knew where this was. The lost and forgotten!
a black and white photo of an old gas station with the word pueria on it
Petrol Station Arnhem (Purfina), Sybold van Ravesteyn, Arnhem
Purfina petrol station, Arnhem, NL by Sybold van Ravesteyn (1958)
a house on the side of a hill with mountains in the background
Love the floating roof and material combination of this stunning design from @robinson_architects! ? _ #architecture #design #building… | Venom Blogs
Love the floating roof and material combination of this stunning design from @robinson_architects! 🖤 _ #architecture #design #building… - #architecture #Building #combination #design #Floating #Love #Material #robinsonarchitects #roof #Stunning
an empty church with rows of pews and a cross at the end in front of it
Slow architecture: John Pawson’s Casa delle Bottere complex in Veneto
Model of the John Pawson Casa delle Bottere chapel
a multicolored building is shown against a blue sky
Lines on Behance