Fun Folded Paper and Books

Creative paper folding creates magic and wonder. Some of these ideas are just fun, while others are truly inspiring.
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several folded paper pieces sitting on top of a wooden table
Hungarian Map Fold Book
Hungarian Map Fold Book
two books with the title handmade books on a budget written in blue and red
10 Tips for Creating Handmade Books on a Budget -
a woman's hand is holding a book with a ring on it, while another person has their fingers wrapped around the book
an art installation made out of multiple pieces of cardboard with holes in the bottom and sides
book end ideas for sale
Livros de artistas (livros concertina)
a person is holding an open wallet in their left hand and there are several different colors
Guest Blog: Mini Book Made From Scratch
four different views of an origami box with ribbon on the top and bottom
Book #255
My Handbound Books - Bookbinding Blog: Book #255
an assortment of brightly colored paper plates stacked on top of each other in front of a white background
Charcoal Drawings
an open book with pictures on it sitting on top of a white table next to a green string
Books by Artists
KAREN ARP-SANDEL Traveling Route 20 Accordion fold book with pockets, mixed media. NFS arpbook22-1
an open book sitting on top of a white table next to a string and scissors
Have a look at some examples of my latest embroidery, prints and artists books, come on in for a better look.