Waar is Wally? Zou de plaat op het digibord passen?

Would use where’s wally to teach an unplugged coding lesson on Algorithms

Ook zo druk gezocht naar het plaatje met de panda? Wij in ieder geval wel. Maar we zijn nog lang niet klaar met zoeken, want er is een vervolg! | Flairathome.nl #FlairNL

THEY are the optical illusions and ‘Where’s Wally’ type puzzles that have everyone peering at their screen.

Zoek eens de aardappel tussen al deze hamsters - Gazet van Antwerpen: http://www.gva.be/cnt/dmf20160414_02236654/zie-jij-de-aardappel-tussen-deze-hamsters

First there were snowmen, then there were bunnies, now the internet’s latest Where’s Wally-style puzzle challenges you to find the potato. The cartoon brainteaser craze started in December when…

Waar is Wally

Where's Wally find him! that is why he can always find us and never loses sight of us on crowded planet earth (beautifully put by Barnabas in schools)

Karrewiet: Zoek het paasei | Ketnet

Hungarian cartoonist Gergely Dudas, also known as Dudolf, posted his latest puzzle a few days ago to celebrate Easter, challenging fans to find an egg cleverly disguised alongside a group of bunnies