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Sculptures by Javier Bernasconi

Sculptures by Javier Bernasconi

built planishing hammer.

built planishing hammer and I only wish I owned 1 :( but feel free ta repost this beauty but you know we,re alil off cause this is straight PORN! Sexy bitch such well rounded curves.

The New Steampunk Sculptures of Andrew Chase

Over the years, I have written about several of Andrew Chase's amazing metal artworks, and last week he contacted me about a new piece he had been working on.

Heerlijk naar vuurtje kijken tijdens een koude herfstavond, dat kan zeker met deze prachtige en originele vuurkorven! Is weer eens iets anders dan wat je bij de bouwmarkt krijgt.

Funny pictures about Epic Darth Vader Fire Pit. Oh, and cool pics about Epic Darth Vader Fire Pit. Also, Epic Darth Vader Fire Pit photos.