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a watercolor drawing of a woman in a dress and hat with leaves on it
Green Cottage 🌿
a painting of apples in a bowl with leaves on the branch and watercolor background
a watercolor painting of a green door and potted plant in front of it
an oil painting of two people standing on the beach looking out at the water and one is wearing a white hat
Jake Songer
Easy watercolor night sky
A stunning landscape perfect for watercolor beginners! You can paint this luminous night sky, even if you’re just starting on your watercolor journey ✨ Try out my Skillshare class with a free trial!
a four leaf clover is attached to a piece of paper with the word love written on it
a person is holding a paintbrush and painting the silhouettes of three men in different colors
sabine464_watercolor_artist on Instagram: Happy Monday Schon mal einen Hund gemalt mit 3 Strichen? Ever drawn a Dog in 3 Strokes? #reels #reel#watercolorreels #reelsofinstagram…