Lots of ideas for small garden or balcony...and generally for privacy

Pallet's For The Porch, Just Stand Pallet On Ends, Insert Long Tray Planters ideetje voor afscheiding met buren links?

How perfect for when we enlarge the upstairs deck someday. Also like the storage for the firewood for the chiminea.

Best Backyard DIY Projects

Replace the back garden off the deck with this? Have a slot for the BBQ and wood storage? A great idea for BBQ area and storage.

Build a folding table for your Weber grill, folding table, grill, sideboard

Attach the hinge and the metal bracket to the bottom of the table. Shorten the threaded rod to a suitable length and fit it to the bracket together with the

NO WAY.hahahahahahahadual purpose,smile and have a great evening,BBQDAVE

My friend down south sent me a pic of his redneck grill and cooler combo