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Sliding panels for tool or craft storage. I love this idea because I have limited wall space this essentially triples your storage. Of course, I would dress it up a bit for inside the house.

Whats your Work-Bench/lab look like? Post some pictures of your Lab. - Page 25

Whats your Work-Bench/lab seem like? Publish some footage of your Lab. - Web page *** Discover more by checking out the photo link

Attic Tent AT-1 Attic Cover Insulator 22" x 54" x 7"

Attic Tent AT-1 Attic Pull Down Ladder Stair Door Cover 22" x 54" x 7"-Insulator

The Attic Tent is easily installed and immediately provides energy savings by eliminating drafts from your attic space. Installing an attic tent can DRAMATICALLY reduce air

Bureel in wit laminaat, opgedikt werkblad in eik

Bureel in wit laminaat, opgedikt werkblad in eik