Confetti Strawberries

Bday Little Girl Tea Party - Party Strawberries dipped in white chocolate then sprinkles. (But with pink sprinkles)

Slumber party snacks

Milk and cookies for kids at wedding reception during champagne toast - super cute. we could even just do milk and fun straw since we won't have kid safe cookies unless we want to buy from better bites but that's a lot of dessert

polka dot shakes!  Stick marshmallow halves to the inside of your glass before filling with your favorite frothy drink

Sweet Paul's Strawberry Polka-Dot Shake~Marshmallows in a milkshake? I guess if you're going to go for the milkshake, throwing in a couple of marshmallows won't make all that much of a difference! Besides, it makes a great looking milkshake!

cute idea

Pancake Pops - bite-sized pancakes on a stick. Dip them in maple syrup and have a little breakfast party. Fun for a play group brunch. Pancakes are the worst. Pancakes on sticks are double bad.

Fantastisch in zijn eenvoud, deze traktatie

I love this idea for any bite-size app/dessert. (But nix the plastic forks, if…

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