5 Best Lenses for Portrait Photography from Adorama Learning Center

Best DSLR Portrait Lenses

If you're getting serious about portrait photography, consider investing in a moderate telephoto lens. Get information on the best portrait lenses.

Rolleiflex TLR FX-N

Rolleiflex FX-N, an update of the Rolleiflex FX. Apart from the same specs that its predecessor has, this model features a new Heidosmat viewfinder lens and a Rollei S-Apogon main lens with a minimum focusing distance of

Minolta Autocord TLR

Minolta Autocord, 120 film X negative size. For those of us who couldn't afford a Rolleiflex, this was an excellent alternative.

Nikon FA with MD15

The Nikon FA camera has pretty much been overlooked. But like Nikon has pretty much always done

Yashica FR II - la segunda adquisición a principios de los 90

Yashica FR II

The Yashica FR-II was an electronically-controlled film SLR cameramade by Yashica and.