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an orange window on the side of a stone building
De Pater Vinktoren in Maastricht maakt deel uit van de tweede omwalling. De Pater Vinktoren is gebouwd tussen 1370 en 1380. De toren is daarna in verval geraakt en werd in 1906 gerestaureerd.
a bicycle is parked in front of a coffee shop counter with chalkboard on the wall
Alley Cat, bikes&coffee, Maastricht
an empty cobblestone street with tall buildings on both sides and a tree in the middle
a dining room with plates on the wall
Witloof - vtwonen #restaurant #maastricht #hotspot / Oohh! I never went to that floor when we ate there! The food is sooo good at Witloof!
an alley way between two buildings with water running through it
House above the Jeker Maastricht
House above the Jeker Maastricht
the interior of a restaurant with tables and chairs in front of an arched ceiling that has pink lights hanging from it
VVV Maastricht
Kruisherenhotel, Maastricht - Hotel/Restaurant/Church
an old building with a fountain in front of it
Sin City
Vrijthof, Maastricht, Limburg, The Netherlands
an empty restaurant with tables and chairs in front of the counter, lights hanging from the ceiling
Toffe hotspots van Maastricht | Leijp
De Brandweer - restaurant, lunch, koffie Capucijnenstraat 21 Maastricht
an image of the inside of a library with bookshelves on each shelf and in front of it
Truly Novel Bookstores
"Polare Maastricht, a bookshop housed in a centuries-old Dominican church [in Maastricht, Netherlands] . . . . Dutch design firm Merkx and Girod made dramatic use of the huge space, creating multistory steel shelving." "Truly Novel Bookstores," by Jemima Sissons. Wall Street Journal (July 6 - 7, 2013).