Fred de Sevren Jacquet
Fred de Sevren Jacquet
Fred de Sevren Jacquet

Fred de Sevren Jacquet

Catzzz - Vinyl: NL 60's beatbands/GB 60's bands/rock/punk/Zappa/GB folkmusic - Nederlands Indië - basgitaar - geschiedenis - GB & Ireland - angels & demons.

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DEVO on the cover of the January 1979 issue of New York Rocker magazine, which hit the streets in December 1978.

PUNK Poster Magazine, London,1977

“Paul Wright’s punk archives on flickr are great. He posts this Zig Zag cover from August 1977 with this quote from the introduction: 'Here we are in 1977 and there hasn’t been a more exciting time for music in years… I mean I go to bed every morning and wonder what’s gonna have happened when I wake up. There’s so much good stuff developing and being thrown up.' - Kris Needs, ZIGZAG ”

Winter Light in Scotland.

Shetland: A place where The Vikings ships are still burning

"Up Helly Aa" refers to any of a variety of fire festivals held in Shetland, in Scotland, annually in the middle of winter to mark the end of the yule season.

Vintage Map Arctic Ocean Alaska Canada Germany Greenland ORIGINAL 1949

un truc sur la calotte glaciaire ou sur le réchauffement climatique

Mississippi River Flood Map, 1927

Poverty map of Old Nichol slum, East End of London, showing Bethnal Green Road, from Charles Booth’s Labour and Life of the People. Volume 1: East London (London: Macmillan, 1889). The streets are colored to represent the economic class of the residents. #map #london #poverty

Map of Beijing, published in 1937.