Porch Before and Afters

We love the curb appeal that porches add to homes and these dramatic before-and-afters just prove it! See how a new or remodeled front porch can change the look…
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an outdoor patio and porch with the text tips for picking the right roof design
Outdoor Roof Designs For Patios And Porches
This post will give you the best tips to pick out the best outdoor roof design for your patio. If you are looking to add a covered patio or porch to your homes exterior, then this post is for you. We will teach you all you need to know to get started building the perfect outdoor roof for your patio.
a porch with the words how to build a porch or patio roof
Create A Covered Patio Or Porch
Check out our post on how to build a roof for your porch or patio. We will give you the tools you need to get started on creating the perfect roof over your patio. Choose the best roof design for your porch or patio, and get starting building.
the ultimate guide for building outdoor roofs for patios and porches
Porch Roof Construction | How to Build Porch Roof | Porch Roof Designs
In this post we will give you the top outdoor roof designs for your patio or porch. Enjoy our step by step guides on how to build a patio or porch roof. Create a covered patio or porch just in time for summer.
porch and patio roofs with text overlay
Porch And Patio Outdoor Roof Design Ideas
Check out our post on everything porch and patio roofs. We will teach you how to pick the best outdoor roof design for your new covered patio or porch.
a house with the words door overhang design ideas on it and an image of a blue
Door Awning Designs For Added Curb Appeal
Check out our list of door awnings and overhangs perfect for any size or style front door. Create and design the perfect door overhang for your homes front door that is sure to add curb appeal and character to your home.
a white brick building with the words, stylish door overhangs how to choose the right design and things to consider
Stylish Door Overhangs For Stylish Homes
If you want to add character and style to your home, check out how to design the perfect front door overhang. Our list of stylish front door overhangs are sure to add curb appeal and lots of style to your existing front door and home.
a house with the words surprising benefits of door overhangs plus design ideas
Why Your Front Door Needs A Overhang
Check out the added ways a front door awning can be beneficial to your home. We gathered a list of reasons how your front door and front porch can benefit from a door overhang.
a house with the words stylish door overhangs and awnings
Front Door Awnings With added Curb Appeal
Add style to your front door and added curb appeal to your home by adding a overhang to your front door. We have listed the most stylish door overhangs perfect for any type of front door.
a front porch with wreaths and potted plants on the steps, text overlay reads top tips front porches everything a per needs to stand out year round
Top Tips For Front Porches
In this post, we will give you a list of everything you need for the perfect front porch. Keep your front porch looking great year round with these top tips for front porches. Whether you're on a budget or have some money to spend, these top front porch tips are sure to help.
the front porch with steps and plants on it that says, amazing porches from porch formations
Amazing Front Porch Transformations
Transform your front porch any time of the year with these amazing tips to do just that. Learn how to transform your front porch from boring to exciting. This post shows you all you need to know to transform your front porch so it looks good all year long.
front porch before and after with text overlay that reads, front porch before and after everything a front porch needs
Everything a Front Porch Needs
Check out our list of front porch before and afters that will give you every idea you need to keep your front porch looking good all year. We gathered the best list of front porch ideas that are sure to add character to your home and add curb appeal.
the ultimate list of color pallets for your porch or home with text overlay
Color Palettes For Front Porches
Check out our list of colors perfect to paint or decorate your front porch or house with. If you aren't sure what colors look good together, then this color wheel of front porch and house colors is just for you. These front porch color schemes and ideas are perfect to add character to any front porch or home.
porch decorating color scheme with text overlay
Colorful Front Porch Colors
Do you want to add color to your front porch but aren't sure how? Check out our post about front porch color schemes. We gathered some of the most colorful front porch color schemes that can be tailored to any front porch.Decorate your front porch in a variety of colors perfect for any exterior!
a patio with chairs and tables on it, text overlay reads how to update deck flooring from weeded to stone
Wood to Stone Decks - Perfect For Any Backyard
Building a new deck or porch can be costly. Check out our post on how to upgrade your existing wood deck to stone! Wood to stone flooring for your deck or pool deck is an easy and affordable way to upgrade on a budget! Make your backyard stand out this summer with stone flooring.
a stone deck and fire pit with text overlay that reads wood to stone decks turn your deck flooring from ordinary to extraordinary
Make Your Deck Standout
Ready to upgrade your deck or pool deck? Check our how to transform your deck from wood to beautiful stone. Stone decks or patios are a great way to make your pool stand out this summer. Whether you are looking for ways to upgrade your regular deck or pool deck, stone decks are a sure way to add class to any backyard!