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a drawing of a little boy sitting at a table
Boris Pasternak
a painting of a dog on a pink and blue background with lines in the foreground
an image of a person in a boat on the water with trees behind them and sky above
a blue netted bag filled with three heart shaped objects on top of a white wall
Freshly Wrapped – exhibition
four different types of abstract paintings in various colors and sizes, each with an image of trees
Petites immensités — Paul Cox, paysages Pour beaucoup, Paul Cox est...
a woman's hand holding a pencil next to a drawing of a girl with her eyes closed
an oil painting of people standing in front of a wall with their backs to the camera
Artiste Peintre, Galerie virtuelle
two pictures of people sitting at a table and one is working on some art work
Diner Wisdom
a pencil drawing of a woman sitting on a chair with her hand to her face
Работы с прошедшего в Строгановке конкурса на лучшего рисовальщика