Sansaveria, great low water, medium light, sturdy plant. AKA "Mother In Law's Tongue" and "Snake Plant".

Structural Indoor Plant in square planters - super modern way to bring plants inside.

Wie af en toe het stof van de Schleffera haalt, krijgt daar een glimmende, flexibele kamerplant voor in de plaats. De Schleffera voelt zich ...

Schefflera or Umbrella tree: These have pretty, whorled leaf clusters and multiple trunks, and they make for a pretty, easy-care house plant. I've had them grow for years with nothing but medium light & water when I remember.

the new "it" houseplant | gardenista

The New "It" Houseplant

Houseplants: the pencil cactus (Euphorbia tirucalli) is actually a succulent rather than a cactus. Grow it in a sunny window but take care to avoid any contact with the white stem latex.

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