Meridian Square

A cousin of our original Meridian Mirror. The one is based on a square size, smaller and comes with the same love and detailing...
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Funky Mirror: Now I must sand the curves to really smooth them and check there's no sawing errors. These are specially made sanding blocks, specifically for shaped work.!

Once sanding is done, with sharp or fragile edges it is always wise to protect or to strengthen them. By painting them, it will support the structure and mean that it will.... > (a) help with bangs & drops (b) help the machining process - the cutter won't be able to wear into the material that easy. Great IP..!

The router has been set up and a special cutter added for this mirror. I'll need to do quite a bit of operations on this mirror before we see it finished.

I machined the inside edge of the mirror frame which later will be carved and shaped (add details) and I also machined the outside edges off too - not that I needed to but the bigger cutter thats coming next - this small cut will help by lessening the load :)

The outside edge of the mirror, possibly the most important. Got to get the depth just right, not too deep, not too little. This is an art..!

Close up on the machined edge - looking very good indeed..!

Final machining is done, the line detail is now added - following the curves of the mirror exactly..!

FUNKY MIRRORS:Close up on the detailing...

Hand carving those subtle details ! Yet another Great #art #Mirror for your #Gallery #home :)

I often start with priming up the inside, this is as important as the shell...

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