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Our Packaging

This board shows how we package and protect our Marvellous Mirrors so you know that they get to you safe and just as they are intended to be. As stunning works of Art in the shape and form of a mirror. This shows you how we do it - all done by HAND..!
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Quantun Box: Your mirrors are now sent in a specially designed box from - so to minimize any damage during transportation to your home, office or gallery..!

Our smallest "Quantun Box" - this is how you'l get your mirror sent to you. Globally..!

We are about to package and send a mirror to the USA. Here is how we do it @

The mirror is sealed and wrapped in a protective foam blanket. All our packaging info and guidelines of use are added also - for the client to read. We include a cleaning cloth too - for in the future when you need to de-dust your mirror.

The mirror has some extra solid foam blocks added to help sandwhich it and protect it for its journey to you. Please take care when opening.

With the mirror sealed in protective foam wrapping and solid foam side buffers, the Quantun box is prepared.

Once the mirror is in, its then filled up with foam bits that surround it and keep it secure.

The foam bit's are full of air and are very light and strong. The box needs to be gently shaken to allow the bits to move around and surround the mirror form better. We then press the foam bits down and insure it's packed in enough.

A precisely cut solid foam lid is the placed on top of the foam bits that surround the mirror. This will not only help compress the area but also help support the overall internal form and structure.

After the foam lid has been put in, we tape it securely close.The extra foam on the lids will help support the internal sides and reduces any structural movement.