Sea Turtle Mirror

This is one of the many custom designs that we have lovingly crafted. One of our guests wanted a Sea Turtle for her son who totally adores them. We took up the challenge to create a stunning, swimming Sea Turtle - Mastercrafted by
105 Pins80 Volgers

Slight refinements to the eye area of the turtles head and some fine sanding to the shell here and there...

We have machined in a small curve to the inside of the shell / mirror frame to add more detail and depth to the design and effect of the Sea Turtle Mirror. :)

Painting and sealing the main shell of the turtle mirror.

The Sea Turtle shell has been primed up now. I will further sand and ensure that all the details are refined before I finally add color. We are very happy with the results in this intense project.

The arm fins have to be specially moulded onto the shape of the shell. This will help with the strength and location finding when assembly occurs. Hi Tech stuff really..!

The mould or filler gel will take the exact shape of the connecting shell. Both the shell and arm surface must be flat, flush and well together.

Although the filler-gel squeezes out, this will be sanded back and re-painted afterwards.

Just set up the gallery table for painting the Sea Turtle mirror...

I always start with the lighter colours in most of my projects. This is a yellow and a yellow- green base colour.

Painting the Sea Turtle...

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