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Wijsheid 22 Oktober 2014

For the English speaking folks this wonderful and very true quote: "Sometimes you just need to stand up and leave, so the person on the other side of the seesaw falls on the ground and notices how you have been carrying him/her." - by RUMAG

whahah lekker hard deze quote :-)))

for all my non dutch understanding friends. come on, we´ll play, keep your mouth shut. oooh I love being dutch!

Corrigeren #rumag

i do this all the time translation: When you are about to lose in a discussion, start to correct the grammar of your counterparty.

Ik verstond je niet. Rumag

Slechthorend, toon begrip als we traag/vreemd reageren.Hard of Hearing, show understanding when we respond slow .

Fuck it #Rumag

Instagram post by RUMAG | Nederland • Nov 5, 2015 at 11:44am UTC

Ik ga je zo hard negeren dat je begint te twijfelen aan je eigen bestaan

I'm going to ignore you so much, that you will doubt your own excistence.