Palatine Chapel, Aachen

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the inside of a large church with stained glass windows and ornate decorations on the ceiling
Aachen, Germany:Barbarossaleuchter in the Palatine Chapel of the Imperial Cathedral
looking up at the ceiling in an ornately decorated building with gold and blue details
Aachen’s Kaiserdom
the inside of an ornate building with high ceilings and stained glass windows on each side
The Carolingian Octagon (Palatine chapel). The Octagon in the centre of the Cathedral was erected as the chapel of the Palace of Aachen between 796 and 805 on the model of other contemporary Byzantine buildings (e.g. the Basilica of San Vitale in Ravenna and the Little Hagia Sophia in Constantinople).[11] The architect was Odo of Metz. The span and height of Charlemagne's Palatine chapel was unsurpassed north of the Alps for over two hundred years
the inside of a church with high ceilings and stained glass windows on each side,
La catedral de Aquisgrán despierta un gran interés cultural, por ser evidencia histórica del Imperio Carolingio y por la belleza de su construcción, con columnas originales retiradas de iglesias antiguas de Italia, la decoración con mármol, bronce y mosaicos finos. Las paredes de esta catedral han visto la coronación de 30 reyes alemanes en el trono de mármol.
an image of a building with parts labeled in spanish and english on the front side
Aix-la-Chapelle, la chapelle construite par Eudes de Metz, est une nouveauté en Gaule, bâti sur un octogone de 31 m de diamètre. Elle était ornée de riches mosaïques qui représentaient le Christ trônant au royaume des cieux. Ces mosaïques ont disparu (au cours du 18°s) contrairement à celles de Germiny-des-Prés.
the inside of an old building with chandeliers and arches in it's center
Palatine Chapel of Charlemagne, Odo of Metz, Charlemange(patron), Aachen Germany
some drawings of different architectural styles
CAROLINGIAN & OTTONIAN ARCHITECTURE - Drawing of Palatine Chapel, Aachen. The Palatine Chapel consisted of a tall octagonal-sided of space, covered by dome and surrounded by annular galleries. The main entrance to the Palatine Chapel is a large structure adjoining the west side. A square mass of stone containing narthex chambers corresponding to the two levels of the chapel rises between twin cylindrical towers and is fronted by a huge entrance niche.
an architectural drawing of a building with many details on the top and bottom half, including its roof
Palatine Chapel, 792-805, Aachen, Germany
a drawing of a ferris wheel with the words l'aachen on it
Aachen, Palatine chapel plan. The chapel is derived from S. Vitale at Ravenna (notice the circular plan with an octagon inside).
three drawings of different architectural styles and designs
Palace of Aachen - Wikipedia
Palace of Aachen, Palatine Chapel, c. 793
an old stone building with a clock tower
Carolingian architecture - Wikipedia
Carolingian architecture - The Palatine Chapel (Octagon) in Aachen, now central part of the cathedral