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Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare comes out 11.4.14, but for me...11.3.14 WAR IS HERE AGAIN!

Its that time again, time a brand new Call of Duty, and its coming quicker than we can imagine. Today we get another stunning trailer from the upcoming release,

Samsung’s latest innovation is a flexible, “bendable” Ultra HD TV that the company unveiled at an event prior to CES2014 in Las Vegas.Samsung has made attempts in the last year to shift from flat TVs to curved ones.But the surprise is the bendable UHD TV is both a flat and a curved screen in a single advanced unit.

The latest Tv on the block is by Samsung and what is more, it is bendable. Find out more on what the innovative TV is all about. Samsung's latest innovation is a flexible, "bendable" Ultra HD TV th.

Cinema Room - Sony 4K Short throw projector (amazing) V Expensive Release Summer 2014

The introduction of the Ultra Short Throw projector is the embodiment of Sony's Life Space UX ethos and the first step in realising this vision, which offers a new user experience that transforms living spaces into enriched experiential environments.

Tony Stark's Ironman Xbox 360 Console is One of a Kind

When you're modding your Xbox you have two options: Bend the Xbox to your idea; or Bend your idea to the Xbox. Adding a whirring arc reactor to your console is the latter at its very best: