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crocheted baskets with flowers are shown in three different colors and the text, free pattern
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Free Crochet Pattern: Little Easter Egg Baskets
small crocheted baskets filled with chocolate eggs
Mini Crochet Easter Eggs Basket
Free Pattern - Mini Crochet Easter Basket
several pictures of different things made out of wine corks
simpel idee leuk om te zien. Foto geplaatst door kittytimo op
simpel idee leuk om te zien
two pine cones are decorated with gold and green decorations, one has a star on top
Mini Christmas Trees - DIY - AllDayChic
Mini Christmas Trees – DIY #święta
three pictures of blue and gold vases sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other
полезности и красивости
Джутовая филигрань. Светильники.....
a person taking a photo of themselves in a mirror with a camera on the wall
Mirrors Made Out Of Recycled Cd And Rolled Paper • Recyclart
an image of different types of circular doilys in various sizes and colors, with the
Círculos crochet
lots of motif diagrams . . . well.. this ought to do it. If I can't find it on here. It doesn't exist.
a pair of high heeled shoes sitting on top of a wooden table
Lady Gaga High Heels
See what happens when you cross an old pair of shoes with unused CDs...pure magic! ;)
a black circular object with multicolored designs on it
CD Art
Tutorial for scratch art on CDs. Upcycle them into amazing wall art! You can paint them any color, then scratch the paint off in a design. The iridescent color from the back of the CD will show through. BRILLIANT!
two tins sitting on top of a wooden table covered in holographic tiles
Как сделать из ненужных дисков полезные и просто красивые вещи - ЗнайКак.ру
Cut up old CDs/DVDs to use as mosaic tiles. Boil in water for about 5 minutes first to soften.
several different types of items are shown in this collage, including boxes and scissors
DIY Old CD Mosaic Box DIY Old CD Mosaic Box
ok, I've got a couple of boxes, and a ton of CDs. DIY Old CD Mosaic Box
the instructions for how to make mosaic adhesives using cd's and cds
Make a Mosaic Address Plaque from old CDs #recycledcraft #upcycle #greencrafts
several different pictures of cds and pens on a table
Top 10 DIY Recycled Projects
Top 10 DIY Recycled Projects