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Nudibranchs are small marine gastropods, snails who have done away with their shells in favour of more vibrant, colourful and poisonous fashions. Beautiful Sea Creatures, Deep Sea Creatures, Weird Creatures, Under The Ocean, Sea Snail, Sea Slug, Underwater Creatures, Animals Of The World, Fauna

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Ocellate Phyllidia | ©Samantha Craven (Cebu, Philippines) Phyllidia ocellata (Nudibranchia - Phyllidiidae) is a beautiful sea slug, common throughout the tropical Indo-West Pacific Ocean, including...

A sea slug from the genus Tritonia, so beatiful but so small Underwater Creatures, Underwater Life, Ocean Creatures, Beautiful Sea Creatures, Sea Snail, Sea Slug, Deep Blue Sea, Sea And Ocean, Ocean Life


See photos of nudibranchs in this colorful ocean life photo gallery from National Geographic.

Try these camera settings to shoot nudibranchs. These adorable sea slugs are always fun to shoot, whether you're a beginner or advanced photographer. Underwater Photography, Macro Photography, Animal Photography, Photography Lessons, Photography Business, Beautiful Sea Creatures, Sea Floor, Leagues Under The Sea, Sea Slug


These adorable little sea slugs are actually soft-bodied molluscs which have shed their shells to reveal a flamboyant display of colors. They tend to be pretty slow moving, making them an ideal subject for both beginning macro photography and more advanced techniques like snoot lighting and super macro. Where Most

Seeing how much you liked our Sea Bunny and Sea Sheep post, we decided to dive deeper to see what else is hidden beneath the sea. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the ocean is full cute slugs! Underwater Photos, Underwater World, Beneath The Sea, Under The Sea, Poisson Mandarin, Sea Anemone, Sea Snail, Sea Slug, Oceans Of The World


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Underwater Photo: Looks a little bit like Walt Disney's "Pete's Dragon". by Roland Bach Underwater Creatures, Ocean Creatures, Underwater Photos, Underwater World, Balearic Sea, Pete Dragon, Salt Water Fish, Sea Slug, Creature Feature

Looks a little bit like Walt Disney's "Pete's Dragon". Bu... by Roland Bach

Underwater Photo: Looks a little bit like Walt Disney's "Pete's Dragon". Bu... by Roland Bach

Another nudi shot with amazing colors not usually found in nature. Underwater Creatures, Ocean Creatures, Underwater World, Ocean Pictures, Sea Slug, Life Aquatic, Soft Corals, Colorful Animals, Rare Animals


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^), we woke up to the beautiful sunrise fe… Underwater Creatures, Underwater Life, Underwater Photos, Ocean Creatures, Beautiful Ocean, Animals Beautiful, Sea Anemone, Sea Snail, Sea Slug

The Komodo Chronicles – Part 2 – Rock ‘n Roll

After an overnight navigation (never my favourite part of live aboard dive trips, more about that mild, but fairly founded phobia, in a future instalment ;^), we woke up to the beautiful sunrise fe…

Komodo National Park in Indonesia showcases a carnival of marine life, including this green-and-black nudibranch, seen here devouring a tunicate. The coloring of these carnivorous mollusks comes from the foods they eat. Underwater Creatures, Ocean Creatures, Underwater Photos, Underwater World, Creature Picture, Sea Snail, Sea Slug, Colorful Fish, Tropical Fish

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Underwater creature pictures, underwater creature pattern photos, photo gallery, picture gallery, desktop wallpaper, from National Geographic.

New Week Nudibranch: Thuridilla lineolata Underwater Creatures, Ocean Creatures, Life Under The Sea, Sea Snail, Sea Slug, Beautiful Fish, Sea Fish, Exotic Fish, Sea World

Opisthobranch (Thuridilla lineolata)

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“Felimare fontandraui nudibranch. (Photo: Henrique Nascimento)”