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Yayoi Kusama Pops Up in Louis Vuitton By Sylvia Chun on July 2012 · Leave a Comment Stop by the luxury brand’s flagship store in Soho for a chance to purchase an item designed by the artist prior to the opening of her exhibition.


Hermes logo is rather artistic and classy. The simplicity of the logo adds to their expensiveness and proper taste. This is considered tribal symbolism, again, due to it being a massive brand within the fashion world, worn by a lot of people globally.

canada goose

Canada Goose (also called Canada Goose Expedition Clothes Outfitters) is often a Canadian manufacturer and retailer of the winter season outerwear.

Emporio Armani logo #logos #design #fashion

Emporio Armani Youth luxury line.

clouds, trees, Prishtina.

clouds, trees, Prishtina.