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JC Leyendecker “March Winds” Illustration for Kuppenheimer Clothing and Hats. Illustrators, American Illustration, Vintage Art, Illustration, Norman Rockwell, Art Style, Art, Leyendecker, Vintage Illustration

Top Hat Illustration - Artist Collection - Martel Fashion

Marjac, 'Tennis Doubles', Monsieur, August 1921. Colour lithograph. Courtesy The Stapleton Collection. Rodier, a long-established textile manufacturer, teams

Hoover advertisement Classic Ads, Vintage Posters, Old-Fashioned Advertisements, retro commercials

Slim Housewife Loves Her Slim Vacuum Cleaner!

"McCall's" October 1959

He surely did beautiful work, didn& he? I& probably come across more examples soon - that seems to happen to me alot when I post something! Illustrators, Vintage Art, Illustration, Retro Art, Old Art, Female Art, Artwork, Vintage Drawing, Pop Art

More of Jon Whitcomb's Fabulous Artwork

I've written about Jon Whitcomb before, but his artwork was a regular feature in many of the vintage magazines I've collected, so when I find it I like to share it with you. I actually found this picture of the artist himself in an advertisement out of an old (1958) issue of McCall's Magazine. This was a full-page advertisement from the "Famous Artists Schools. They were "Looking For People Who Like to Draw", and you could send in for their Famous Artists Talent Test: My first example of his…

Jen But Never Jenn: The Housewife Experiment Anniversary

The 50s Housewife Experiment Anniversary!

Can you believe it's been a year since I started my first 50s Housewife Experiment ? It doesn't seem that long ago because I keep pathetical...

Marvel Comics of the Some great fun Super-Team Family style

Conan and He-Man in "Crom and Punishment!"

A blog presenting covers to imaginary comic books featuring the greatest team ups that never happened... but should have!

illustration by J Frederick Smith Pulp Art, Vintage Art, Retro Illustration, Vintage Artwork, Frederick Smith, Vintage Posters, Romance Art, Vintage, Pop Art

J Frederick Smith

Pulling on an earring would never seem like a good move, even if it is a clipon. There are better ways to get a woman's attention.

Laundry Day Proud vintage happy housewife illustration

What is a Homemaker? - The Peaceful Haven

She may not be who you think she is... help and encouragement for homemakers of all ages! What is a Homemaker? Encouragement for the weary

Retro ad from the

West Coast Lumbermen's Association


Joseph Christian Leyendecker – was one of the pre-eminent American illustrators of the early century. He is best known for his poster, book and advertising illustrations, the trade character known as The Arrow Collar Man, and his.


J. C. Leyendecker

Ernest Chiriaka That guy returning with two drinks may find that his date has made a connection with the rugged looking man. Somehow I don't think either one looks like her type.

Ernest Chiriaka

That guy returning with two drinks may find that his date has made a connection with the rugged looking man. Somehow I don't think either one looks like her type.

Tom Lovell, Woman's Home Companion story illustration - May 1942 Illustrators, Illustrations And Posters, Pulp Art, Vintage Art, Illustration, Pulp Fiction, Art, Rockwell, Vintage Illustration

Tom Lovell

This lady in the chair is listening to the conversation behind her while she is touching up her lipstick. My guess is that she hears something she isn't intened to hear. This painting accompanied the story "The Caribbean Conspiracy" in Woman's Home Companion in May 1942.

Commissioned recreation of a Dave Stevens (Rocketeer) Bettie page. Brush and india ink on bristol. Stevens Bettie page recreation Comic Art, Character Drawing, Sketches, Comics Artwork, Comic Book Pages, Superhero Comic, Graphic Novel, Art, Art Films

Las obsesiones de Dave Stevens

Mientras Dave Stevens entintaba las tiras de aquel Tarzán salido de los lápices de Russ Manning, allá por el año 1975, su cabeza daba vueltas a un argumento que quería dibujar él mismo, y en el que…

Unknown Artist The beautiful people have gathered to drink some Pepsi and watch some slides. This painting was in a Pepsi ad in November

The Sociables art by Bob Peak