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An Old Dresser Got a Stunning Lace Makeover -

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Nice dark walnut stain on top contrasted with white bottoms. I like these colours for the bedroom furniture. Matches the dark wood of the window, door, mirror, and lam bases.

Chalkboard paint on a table top! Perfect for the kids and never having to worry about them ruining the table.

Set of Three | One Cat Feeding Shelf | One Cat Bed | One Cat Shelf | Cat Perches | Cat Shelves

Cat Tree Hanging Shelf Unit (Set of 2)

Cool hanging cat tree

Great idea! use two Lack wall shelves from ikea and stagger them for wall stairs at $49 each, this can be done for under $100.

STUVA litterbox for 4 kitties - mine would probably prefer two separate chambers. STUVA does come in a single-width drawer, and you could get two. The trofasts have very low sides, though -- you'd want to use high-walled boxes so they didn't kick litter everywhere. Then you could put standard cabinetry on top. Love it!

There are many hidden litterbox ideas on the internet, but I love how easy, beautiful, and handy this one is. -