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some paper and scissors on a white sheet
Vintage Pen & Ink Stationary
Annie Brougham Paper Goods Pen & Ink Stationary Collection at the Gathershop in Amsterdam; simple vintage vignette petite cards with emerald green ink florals, each with a different word and inked image. Blank inside and come with a cream envelope.
four pieces of white paper with red writing on them, tied together and sitting next to each other
The Friday Five: Pretty Packaging | White Cabana
an empty white card case on a light blue background with a paper strip sticking out of it
Katamaku is a new series of products, born out of Tokyo, Japan, that utilise unused parts of the membrane material that were to be discarded
two white toothbrushes in a paper tube on a white surface with the top open
k2m design store powered by BASE
Katamatu pencil case |
four different colors of paper are shown in this image, one is gray and the other is white
sumi washi envelope set
a white table topped with a cup of coffee and other items
Lighting | Nordic designer lamps online store | Finnish Design Shop
Wire Bin 18, brass, by Korbo.
the website design is clean and modern, with minimalist elements in pink and white
Melody Hansen Creative
Melody Hansen logo, identity and #stationery design. I love the simple and modern typography.
Pencils and erasers Mobile Design, Organisation, Pencil Eraser, Coloured Pencils, Writing Tools, Erasers, Pen And Paper
Pencils and erasers
three notebooks with designs on them next to an open book and pencil in the middle
Mara Hoffman Branches Out into Home Decor for Anthropologie
Mara Hoffman Journals, $12
five different colored paper sheets with dots on the top one is white, blue, yellow and pink
IAmTheLab - Your Design Concierge. Podcast and Design & Creativity Blog. Find the best of modern creativity: art, architecture, craft, style. - IAmTheLab
Fun Cards from Ma and Grandy
two beer coasters sitting on top of a wooden table next to a bottle and glass
“Drink Local” Field Notes
I'll take a pint of Field Notes "Drink Local" Tasting Books.