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Avions Voisin was a French luxury automobile brand established by Gabriel Voisin in 1919 which traded until 1939. Gabriel B. Voisin was an aviation pioneer and…
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an old black car on a white background
1935 Voisin C28 Clairiere Berline
This C28 is one of two known with “Clairiere” coachwork, a style that was introduced on the earlier C25 chassis. The C28 is powered by a 3.3-liter Knight sleeve-valve inline-six rated at 110 horsepower. Of the two known to exist, the other is locked away forever in the Schlumpf hoard in France.
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1938 Voisin C30 S Coupe
Gabriel Voisin was a visionary designer – of both automobiles and aircraft. But brilliance doesn’t necessarily transfer over to business skills. By 1937 Avions Voisin had been reorganized under SADAV, and the new heads of the company tapped Voisin to design a new car. It would be his final pre-war design. Long known for their use of Knight sleeve-valve engines, Voisin would shift away from them for the C30 and move to the (likely) 3.6-liter supercharged Graham inline-six. Only about 30 C30s were built before the war put an end to production.
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1925 Voisin C5 Faux Cabriolet by Besset was offered between 1923 and 1928. It is powered by a 4.0-liter Knight sleeve-valve inline-four that produced 100 horsepower and could push the car to 78 mph. More impressive is that the car had power-assisted brakes from the factory. Carrosserie Besset of Annonay, France, provided the faux cabriolet coachwork with a fabric-covered fixed roof with fake landau bars.
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1927 Voisin C14 Lumineuse - The C14 was produced from 1927 to 1932 and was an evolution of the earlier C11, which itself was Voisin’s first six-cylinder car. They only made 1,795. Power is from a 2.3-liter sleeve-valve inline-six that was rated at 66 horsepower. Factory bodies included four-door sedans, two-door coupes, and this, the Lumineuse, which had a lot of glass. The paintwork was inspired by an artist’s hand-drawn Vogue cover of an open Voisin wearing a similar paint job.
an old fashioned car parked in front of a building
1921 Voisin C1 Limousine - As the name might suggest, the C1 was the company’s first product. It would remain in production for a few years before being succeeded to quite a few different models. Like all early Voisins, the car is powered by a Knight sleeve-valve engine. In this case, a 3.9-liter inline-four. The car was first registered in 1921 and was upgraded by the factory in 1925 with C3 brakes. The body is a limousine with a partition between the front and rear passengers.
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1935 Voisin C28 Aerosport
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1926 Voisin C4 S Two-Door Sedan - Voisin built some fantastic luxury cars during its existence. At some point, Gabriel Voisin realized that he would have to build some volume models in order to survive. In 1921, he launched a small sedan called the C4. It evolved into the C4 S in 1924, and that model lasted through 1926. It is powered by a 1.3-liter sleeve-valve inline-four that made 33 horsepower.
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1930 Voisin C23 Conduite Interieure
an old white car parked in front of a blue truck
1935 Voisin C28 Aérosport
an old black car parked in front of a building
1929 Voisin C16 Berline by Ottin
an old blue car is parked in front of a building with arched doors and windows
1928 Voisin C11 Cabriolet by Simon Pralavorio
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1934 Voisin C-25 Aerodyne
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1928 Avions Voisin C1114CV Chasserons Sedan
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1929 Avions Voisin C14
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1927 Voisin C11 Sport