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men working on the roof of a building with solar panels attached to it's sides
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New discovery may allow solar power to work at night | Researchers have come up with an arrangement of molecules known as photoswitches that can allow solar power to be stored and released on demand. pinned by @dakwaarde
three different views of a wooden structure in the grass, with one building made out of corrugated sheets
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How To Build An Outdoor Shower With A Solar Water Heater !
This is Amazing! Solar room heater gives free heat all winter and doubles as a solar oven. Solar Oven, Solar Heater, Solar Fan, Window Box, Heater, Solar Projects, Window Boxes Diy, Off Grid Solar
This is Amazing! Solar room heater gives free heat all winter and doubles as a solar oven.
a person is holding up a black and silver flask in front of some plants
Printable Solar Panels May Be Coming to a Device Near You
The future of power is only a printer away!
a large metal tube sitting on top of a wooden table next to a chair in a kitchen
Solar thermal Magazine
A Homemade Solar Air Heater that Can Produce Free 140 degree F Hot Air
a roll of dark blue paper on a white background
UniSolar flexible solar panel. simple & easy peel and stick installation. Ideal for metal roof. RV /Boat, Home & Commercial applications. Battery charging or Grid tie Solar Systems. UniSolar is one of the largest manufacturer of Flexible Thin Film Solar Panels. 128 watt Solar Panel Laminate 24 volt. Made in USA. If you need power extension cable search for ASIN B004SBU1QA
an overhead view of a roof with solar panels on it
How To Build A Solar Panel From Scratch
Building solar panels from scratch. Exactly what you will need when it comes to parts, gear and blueprints. Everything you need to know about the process. http://netzeroguide.com/how-to-build-a-solar-panel-from-scratch.html Solar Panels Installed
How to Build an Off-Grid Solar-Powered Water Heater
How to Build an Off-Grid Solar-Powered Water Heater
a dog sitting in the grass next to two solar panels
What to Look For in Solar Generators | Peak Prosperity
What to Look For in Solar Generators
the engine compartment of an orange car with its hood open
The New Home Battery: Is Off Grid Living About to Become Mainstream? | Health | Before It's News
Natural Society One of the brains behind Tesla motors and Paypal, Tesla Motors CEO and entrepreneur Elon Musk has a new invention up his sleeve that will help power homes at low cost, and it will make living off-grid easier than ever. A Florida...
a tall white sculpture with two blades sticking out of it's sides and the sky in the background
Google Checks Out The PC of Renewable Energy
The Jellyfish - a wind turbine for your home.
an image of the structure of a sheet of paper with different colors and designs on it
Climate Group on Twitter
These sheets of flexible, organic solar cells could soon be produced cheaply on a huge scale http://ow.ly/yfOJr pic.twitter.com/9FNS9lGh0J
a yellow piece of plastic sitting on top of a black counter
Powerhouse Ideas: 10 Futuristic Clean Power Concepts - WebUrbanist
A research team at the University of Notre Dame has developed a solar “paint” that is cheap to mass-produce and would look just like regular house paint when applied to the exterior of a home. While the team is still working on making the paint significantly more efficient, the idea is an exciting leap forward for everyone who want to use solar power but doesn’t want to bolt those unsightly panels to the top of their home.
a drawing of a metal cabinet with two doors and one door open on the side
Cold Room? Heat It Up with A Homemade Solar Air Heater | Science Project
Homemade Solar Air Heater (Environmental Engineering): How to create and build a simple solar air heater and heat the air in a room.