DoodleDoo Personalised Charity Cards

DoodleDoo Personalised Charity Cards for all occasions - NOT just Christmas. minimum goes to Charity and FREE delivery. Also supporting talented artists.

Colorful birds - Rooster - Impressive capture.

emblem of watchfulness and vigilance. In paintings, when the cock stands near the figure of St peter, it expresses his denial and subsequent repentance. In this connection, the cock also has become one of the symbols of the Passion.

Giraffe Acrylic Painting on canvasOriginal & by CocktailZoo, Etsy

Giraffe Acrylic Painting on canvas,Original & HandMade painting, oil painting, handpainted by painter Coco de Paris: Giraffe with bubblegum

rooster quilt patterns | McCall's Magazine Rooster Pattern | Quilt-Blocks

My imagination juices are flowing by this pattern ! McCall's Magazine Rooster Pattern-I will use this as a painting pattern for a wood rooster I bought years ago.

Garden Center

Garden Center's Rooster Art Print by Ilse Kleyn

Garden Center& Rooster by Ilse Kleyn - Garden Center& Rooster .

Coop The Chicken - Sold, painting by artist Kay Wyne

Coop The Chicken - Sold Original art painting by Kay Wyne -