Happiness is a reality but also a conscious choice for most adults --sometimes not an easy one--, while comfort is a combination of attitude and circumstances ... Both are good things in balance, since comfort is not necessarily superfluous things, and happiness is not necessarily lack of effort, compassion, or understanding of our own suffering as well as others'…

Are you really happy or just really comfortable? This is a serious question. Life is too short, never settle!

Nominating Charles for a CNN Hero Award could lead to very Big things for the children at MCF.

"Big things often have small beginnings." Start small, but dream big! Every step forward makes you a little bit closer to realizing your destiny.

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Hand Lettered "It's kind of fun to do the impossible" - Walt Disney Quote - Inches - Typography.

I'm going to....one of these days! Lol...when I have time!

I think you should just go for it. Just go for it.

Life’s too short to be classified into tiny little boxes you have to check off.

Outside The Box: The Problem With Making Relationship Checklists

Think outside the box ;) that cheating only in tic-tac-toe but not in real life

best things in life AREN'T THINGS! So glad we are raising our children to believe in this and I hope it's something they will always remember!!

The best things in life aren’t things.

Valerie McKeehan doet aan handlettering. Je komt haar krijtboard kunst regelmatig tegen in Flow. Bekijk het filmpje over haar werk.

Krijtbord kunst

Als je nooit bang bent, kun je ook niet dapper zijn - Astrid Lindgren

doorzetten - het lukt me! Meer #leertips op http://www.pinterest.com/ekkomikndrcch/leren-leren/ of volg gewoon alle borden van ekkomi via http://www.pinterest.com/ekkomikndrcch/

Het lukt me!

van gelukkige leraren leer je de mooiste dingen - Loesje

From happy teachers you learn the most beautiful things


Think Happy Be Happy Short and sweet! Live your life be happy! Think positive thoughts and positive things will come to you.

Dream big.

Dream BIG Print / Inspirational Quote Print / by MadKittyMedia

Fouten zijn het bewijs dat je het probeert.

Fouten zijn het bewijs dat je het probeert.

Juf Laidya's klasideetjes: Posters voor de klas

But failure still keeps hard

Spreuken - niet perfect.. - Gerepind door www.gezinspiratie.

10 quotes voor een positief zelfbeeld

niet perfect is ook goed

Pinterestbord van Marjolijn - Spelen en leren

'Have patience. All things are difficult before they get easy.