Afbeelding verder tekenen. Leuk met foto`s van kinderen of afbeeldingen uit…

Search magazines to find similar size features, (old, young, male, female) and glue them in the proper place. Your challenge is to add what is missing and pull the variety of magazine cutouts together with colored pencils to create a face.

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create line drawing of backpack with items describing you - start with outline add pockets and strap

Begin van het schooljaar: Herinnering aan de zomer (Tekenen en Zo)

You need: square drawing sheet 20 x 20 cm colour pencils Divide the sheet in four squares. Draw in every square your own summer memory!

Kennismakingsactiviteiten begin schooljaar

Kennismakingsactiviteiten begin schooljaar

dit ben ik schilderij

Dit ben ik schilderij

Students must find 20 adjectives that describe themselves. Awesome Beginning of School Activity! What a great way to build a child's self esteem