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JAPANSE ESDOORN ACER PALMATUM MARLO Een typische Aziatische tuin plant

Biodegradable Eco Fill Fuchsia Pink Paper Shred 5 oz / 3 for each. Eco-Fill shred are produced from paper made in the USA at the .

Kinkaku-ji Temple and gardens. Kyoto, Japan.  Het eiland straalt rust uit het water dat niet beweegt en de bomen die perfect zijn gesnoeit

Kinkaku-ji Temple and gardens. The pond has several islands of various sizes, and many stones arranged in the shape of animals, a turtle and a crane, symbolizing longevity and good fortune.

Tofukuji Temple, Japanese Dry Garden Een kalm en rustig plekje steentuin

Tofukuji Temple is, sadly, often overlooked by visitors to Kyoto – possibly because it is not situated in the city grid. However, it is considered one of the city’s great temples and is…

Wisteria ‘Alba’  Een prachtige klimplant en ruikt heerlijk!!!

Wisteria floribunda 'Alba' is aprofusely flowering climbing shrub with pendulous racemes of white, delicate pea-like flowers – that hang up to 50 cm long! Fabulous along a wall or over a pergola!