pretsel met kaas in ster

Love this little treat for kids cheese stars with pretzel sticks- magic wands! (recipes for snacks for kids)

Zin om een lekkere snack te maken zonder al te veel werk? Deze appelsnacks zijn niet moeilijk te maken en smaken lekker fris en zoet.

EASY Apple Pie Bites made with crescent rolls. these taste better than apple pie! Make it the Quest way by rolling out an Apple Pie Quest Bar instead of the crescent roll!

Fruit visjes

Making your food fun for kids not only helps them want to eat the things you serve, but helps you to be creative and use foods you normally wouldn't. Here's some fun after school snacks ideas.

Hoorntjes van bladerdeeg, na het bakken "verven" met wortel/tomaten sap en vullen met een frisse salade van b.v kipfilet, komkommer, geraspte wortel, yogho-mayo en kruiden. en een blaadje ijsbergsla als wortelgroen.

Carrot shaped crescents stuffed with egg or chicken salad for Easter. Could even do something sweet like no bake cheesecake or cream filling

Wortel bloemen

Assim que se faz. Com este corte especial na cenoura a sua salada ficará mais bonita e apetitosa. With this special cut carrot in your salad will be more beautiful and appetizing.

Gezonde snack

Sesame street themed fruit and veggie trays! Sesame street themed fruit and veggie trays!

Paprika eieren

Bell Pepper Eggs Slice a pepper. Scoop out all the guts. Lay the pepper slice in a greased, hot pan. Crack an egg into the pepper. Lay a slice of tomato on the egg. Crack an egg on top of the tomato. Fry the eggs. Serve (with toast and fresh dill).

Pasta spinnen

How fun for kids and kids of heart! Slide spaghetti through Vienna sausages or sliced hot dogs, cover with a sauce. I like the Bacon Provolone Spaghetti Sauce by Prego and the ideas go on.

Tropisch fruit

TROPICAL FRUIT PLATTER - Cute idea to make a healthy, fun snack that kids will actually eat! Kiwi for the leaves, sliced banana for the trunk, and sliced oranges for the ground.

Fruit sterren

Fourth of July Wands packed with healthy fruit and a ton of fun for kids. An easy to make recipe, no food coloring and a ways to get kids involved cooking.


Hard Boiled Egg (Chickens) Start out by slicing your carrot slice as seen in the photo. Make as many as you have eggs. Slice off a bit of the bottom of each egg so it will stand upright.