Deze poef kan je gemakkelijk zelf maken. tricot stof in rolletjes naaien, opvullen. dan per 2 om een poef vlechten. onderop vast maken

Decorating Beautiful Floor Cushion Design Idea With Modern Decoration Ideas For Inspiration Comfortable Floor Pillow Pouf Addition for Living Room

I bought the book for the pattern but I have yet to make it. So cute!

Dachschund/ Wiener Dog Quilt by Quiltsrÿche. Edgy Quilts By Boo Davis.

Deze dikke dames heb ik zelf gemaakt. Met een tempexbol, aluminiumfolie en schilderstape heb ik de vorm gemaakt. Vervolgens verharden met paverpol en beschilderen.

Dutch Dikke Dame – ‘ These fat ladies I made myself. With tempexbol, aluminum foil and masking tape I made the shape. Then harden with paverpol and painting.

Hand Cut Wire Haired Dachshund Silhouette with Accent Card Stock Paper.

Hand Cut Wire Haired Dachshund Silhouette with Accent Card Stock Paper by paperandpurl on etsy

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papier mache dachshund mod podge any figurine and then do a color wash over it.

Hartje met teckel

This lovely felt heart is decorated with a felt dachshund. The heart is a perfect ornament for a Christmas tree. Size 10 x 10 cm If you like the heart but would like it in another color please send me a message

Av Susanne - in english: Tutorial: Toilet roll giftwrap

toilet roll + napkin + glue = gift box Great idea, though may use decopatch