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a door with an intricate design on the side and brick walkway leading up to it
Light and shadow|Landscape of Wanguofu by Change Studio « Landscape Architectur… - Architecture Diy
an open window with metal bars on the outside and green plants growing out of it
a woman standing in front of a large painting
Selecting Abstract Art for Modern Interiors - Modern Art
Large Painting by Gerhard Richter
an abstract painting of trees and water in the woods, with green leaves on them
13. Nov. 2000 » Art » Gerhard Richter
Ohne Titel (13. Nov. 2000) Untitled (13 Nov 2000) 2000 15 cm x 10.1 cm Oil on colour photograph
a white wall with cracks and lines on it
i am not a celebrity.
a sculpture made out of red leather on a white wall
Amir Nikravan's "Rational Design" Is This Week's Must-See Exhibition - Sight Unseen
We've featured artists exploring the relationship between painting and sculpture, but Amir Nikravan seems interested in collapsing that boundary entirely.
a drawing of lines that are drawn in black and white
image inspiration on Designspiration
Bring something incomprehensible into the world! but does it float — Designspiration
an abstract painting with different colors and shapes
Nieuw werk van Inaluxe
In maart schreven we al eens een postje over Inaluxe hun prachtige art prints en daarnet zag ik dat ze een nieuwe reeks klaar hebben. Hun laatste werk heeft weer de typische kleuren en retro vormen…
an abstract black and white background with dots
a piece of paper that has lines on it and is folded in two different directions
johnnyabrahams — Johnny Abrahams
Johnny Abrahams
a large white and brown rug with crosses on it
Rugs | Cream | Fez
Rugs | Cream | Fez
black and white squares are arranged in the same pattern
The Patternbase Archive
aubreylstallard: “ Isabel Albrecht, 2010 ”
an abstract painting in grey and beige
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