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an image of wood that has been painted yellow and brown with some paint on it
artists-on-tumblr on Tumblr
I appreciate the stubbornness of the colors remaining on this aged wood. photo: Michael Chase
an open shower stall in front of a building with metal rods covering the walls and floor Madrid, Architectural Digest, Arquitetura, Puertas, Architect, Office Building, Interior And Exterior, Villa
AMID en Madrid
Austeridad - AD España, © Carlos Copertone
the building is made up of many thin white lines and has plants growing out of it Exterior, Urban, David Chipperfield Architecture, David Chipperfield Architects, Chipperfield Architecture, Architecture Building
Gallery of Amorepacific Headquarters / David Chipperfield Architects - 11
Gallery of Amorepacific Headquarters / David Chipperfield Architects - 11
an apartment building that has many windows and balconies Architecture House, Facade, Facade Material
Les Jardins et Villas du Mail | Legendre Immobilier
an architectural rendering of a building with many windows and trees in the foreground, against a white background Residential Building, Architectural Materials, Metal Facade
MD Designperforatie - Metadecor - Spraakmakende gevels
MetaDecor - MD Designperforatie gevel
white plates stacked on top of each other in front of a wooden rack with wood slats Decoration, Furniture Design, Design, Paneling, Architecture Details, Architecture Design, Materials And Textures, Parametric Design
Variations design autour du verre et de la céramique
Prototype de mur d'écailles en porcelaine par Frédéric BOREL Réalisation CRAFT Limoges. Ceramic Network 2002, ARD Limousin. Collaboration UFPL - Union des fabricants de porcelaine de Limoges. #maisonAPart
black and white photograph of an abstract pattern
Photographer Roland Fischer captures the patterns of globalization
Photographer Roland Fischer captures the patterns of globalization | News | Archinect
the side of a building with lots of carvings on it's face and sides
Van geschuimd beton tot palmleer
Van geschuimd beton tot palmleer
a close up view of a brick wall with holes in it Brick Building, Detail Arsitektur, Brick Architecture, Brick Bonds, Brick Detail, Brick Design
Galería de Puesto de Salud / Estudio ELGUE - 1
Now here you have the world's largest rookery for small birds. At the end of the season when they fly to warmer climes, power washer and presto! (Okay, my original thought was, "but how do I keep the soil from falling out before the plants are grown?" /Puesto de Salud / Estudio Elgue (3)
a model of a brick building with two windows on the front and one window in the back Pavilion, Roof Design, Architecture Model Making, Architecture Model
Taka Architects - Merrion Cricket Club, Dublin 2014. Photos...
a building made out of wooden sticks with a door in the center and trees around it Rum, Building Extension, House Architecture Design, Residential Complex, Building Exterior, Haus
Gigon & Guyer - Extension to a historical villa, Kastanienbaum 2004. Photos © Lucas Peters.
a large wooden structure on the side of a building Modern Architecture
Gallery of Reconstructed Past / MABIRE REICH Architectes - 11
Reconstructed Past,© Guillaume Satre