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Look at the hinged pane in this wall of windows! Love the idea! DIY Gift Idea // Minimalist Framed Floating Leaves Decorating an apartment for an outdoorsy person

Désormais, on fleurit son intérieur de différentes façon. En images, quelques inspirations pour fleurir votre intérieur autrement...

6 idées déco pour sublimer vos plantes autrement !

Styling: #cleoscheulderman photo: Alexander van Berge

PLANT ACCENTS I CANT KILL It might seem overdone, but botanical prints look even better when combined with green furniture and plants. It will work in a minimalist interior, but also in a more rustic one.


The interior of the beautiful Tramuntana Hotel in the old town of Cadaqués, Spain, is designed by Barcelona based interior studio INTSIGHT.