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Help students develop a growth mindset with this classroom challenge that includes 20 engaging activities. The activities are meant to encourage resilience, hard-work, dedication, and improvement. Teachers set up the "Growth Mindset Classroom Challenge" bulletin board display that includes 20 hidden activity prompts. Once a challenge is revealed, the teacher finds the corresponding activity in the folder, passes it out to the class, and they are ready to go!
"The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers." - Ralph Nader.
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These videos changed the way I think about teaching.
Introduce growth mindset to your students with this ready-to-use resource. After viewing this presentation, participating in the video activity prompts, and reading the handout, students will have a strong understanding of growth and fixed mindset!
People have lost trust in leadership, businesses and CEOs. Here's an infographic with the main principles on being an effective leader.
How do you help students develop a growth mindset? Give them the opportunity to set goals, track their data growth, and reflect. This paperless customizable technology resource gives your students a digital journal to use year round in your Google classroom using Google Slides.
Zes gouden vragen voor gesprekken met kinderen: @uitgeverij_pica #passendonderwijs pic.twitter.com/YHGhlXy2dn
Vraag kinderen niet of ze het snappen. Vraag of je het goed hebt uitgelegd.
in iets andere vorm gebruikt (een zorgenpopje in een la) en liet het de corvee kinderen verstoppen in een van de laatjes. Het is een leuke en zinvolle afsluiting van de dag en en werkt positief gedrag echt in de hand!