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Gerjen Scholten

Gerjen Scholten
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London Farm Tower / Xome Arquitectos,© Efecto Veintiuno

London Tower Farm - The scary truth of civilization is that more people are moving into the cities and opting out of the jobs that produce the food that feeds them.

ephemeralol: Roni Horn

Roni Horn _ Opposite of White, 2006 Solid cast, colorless and clear glass with as-cast surfaces on all sides (fire-polished top) 106 cm diameter x / cm height / 40 in diameter x / 15 in height


A new perspective of aluminum honeycomb An aluminum honeycomb forming within a resin. With very delicate handmade treatment, the regular shape of the cells in the honeycomb shows an unexpected beauty.

Roni Horn, Untitled (yes), 2002

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