Het Torentje in The Hague,

THE HAGUE. The Netherlands. "Het Torentje" in The Hague, part of 'Het Binnenhof' and our 'oval office' (office to the Prime Minister). This is the place where the most important political decisions in Holland are made and sealed.

: the Dutch kiss three times on the cheeks

**This is true** Dutch custom: "THREE KISSES. How embarrassing when you greet someone with two kisses and this person bends his head to receive a third one. Save yourself these uncomfortable moments and remember: the Dutch kiss three times on the cheeks.


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Mooi geld voor de euro tijd

nl - - - - - - - - - - Holland had such great banknotes when we had guldens


Just look the Netherlands ! I have been here to kinderdijk and just loved it, they offer a boat ride and you travel down the water way and get to see all of these wonderful windmills. Scenic setting in Kinderdijk, Netherlands