Lotte Douwes Lamp & Socket is een unieke Dutch Design lamp en stopcontact

Lamp & Socket stopcontact

LOTTE DOUWES: Lamp & socket in blue porcelain. You can by the socket seperate as well. Who needs ugly sockets?

Patrick Hartog Cable Light is een unieke Dutch design hanglamp

Cable light hanglamp small wit met grijs snoer

This is the Large Cable Light, a big version of the original small Cable Light. This suspended light fits well in many interiors.

Ricefield_double_hanglamp-boven tafel-acoustics -gimmii

Rice field Double

knapontwerp in samenwerking met Post Acoustics ​ The acoustic lighting series ‘Rice Field’ are inspired by the similar shape of rice fields and based on the importance of acoustics and.

Spheremaker Cosmo Planet - Fatboy

These Spheremaker shades from would go great with our baby Plumen and Can't wait to see them together!

Kelly Cluster hanglamp [SO] 1 sphere - Interieur

Kelly Cluster hanglamp [SO] 1 sphere

Globe dixon hanglamp

Globe dixon hanglamp

ALPHACRETE Neon Seletti.

ALPHACRETE Neon Seletti.

Martinelli Luce CONE - Hanglamp - Wit

Martinelli Luce CONE - Hanglamp - Wit