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a painting of yellow flowers in a blue and white vase on a table with an area rug - LE portail belge - DE Belgische portaalsite!
Les coucous, tapis bleu et rose, 1911, by Henri Matisse (French, 1869–1954).
a painting of flowers and trees in a field
Vincent Van Gogh Flowering Garden Art Print Poster - 11x17 by Poster Revolution,
an open door to the ocean with a cloud floating over it's head in the sky
The blank signature, 1965 - Rene Magritte -
The Victory (1939) by Rene Magritte Waar België zo bekend voor is....surrealisme!
a painting of an open window with a view of the countryside
7 Quotes from René Magritte on his Birthday | Artnet News
De naam van dit schilderij is Human Condition en de kunstenaar is René Magritte. Het schilderij is gemaakt in 1933. De kunstroming die je in dit schilderij is surrealisme. Surrealisme lijkt vaak heel realistisch, maar als je goed kijkt is dat niet zo.
a painting of a woman sitting at a table in front of a window
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Matisse, 'La Desserte rouge', 180 × 220 cm, 1908.
a drawing of a person sitting at a table with flowers in front of a window
Henri Matisse The Silence Living in Houses 1947
a painting with trees and water in the background
Voici les ~ Oeuvres contenant le mot edvard, munch
Clair de lune - (Edvard Munch)
two men walking down a path in the woods with trees and leaves on both sides
Articles de Paloma511 taggés "peinture américaine" - Page 15 - Miscellanées & Petits bonheurs du jour , hic e...
Claude Monet
an oil painting of a sunset over the water with a church in the distance,
Claude Monet
Sunset in Venice, by Claude Monet. The colors here taken my breath. I have a poster of this for my office. I love Monet generally.
an oil painting of trees in a field with grass and yellow flowers on the ground
Gustav Klimt(1862ー1918)「Fruit Trees」(1901)
an oil painting of flowers in a field
© Gustav Klimt - Field of poppies (1907)
an oil painting of a house with three windows and a bed in the window sill
Edward Hopper’s Night Windows: evoking voyeurism and intrigue | Culture
Edward Hopper’s Night Windows, 1928.
a painting of two people holding an umbrella
The Singing Butler by Jack Vettriano...someday I will have this print