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I love you whether you bring me coffee or not. But it does make me feel very special, and cared for. I also love bringing YOU coffee.I love how that works! ~~anyone who goes to chess, if you buy me coffee i will be your best friend ever, okay?


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'I know what I bring to the table . so trust me when I say I'm not afraid to eat alone' - yep.


A woman with curves

Funny pictures about A woman without curves. Oh, and cool pics about A woman without curves. Also, A woman without curves.

Love is difficult to encounter, but once it's found, I'm totally FAITHFUL to whom I love.  I NEVER TOLERATE second rate knock offs of what I want of love.

Sometimes I make loving me hard and it might not be easy, but baby I'm worth it. Cause I love hard and with all of my heart.

So now I need to decide....to stay, or to go. Your inaction is making my decision a painfully obvious none.

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find someone who knows how lucky they are to have you but also how lucky you are to have them.

Yet another reason why EEYORE IS MY FAVORITE!!!

Hoped every parent at some point. But many ASD parents don't get adult time, if we are lucky we might manage a midnight or quick tidy up before the next round lol. That's our adult time.

I feel ridiculous - you are just always on my mind and it's been like this for so long!! I'm talking years!!! Why can't I just let you go?! There's reminders of you everywhere I go!  It's just been too long for you to be on my mind and I don't know how to stop thinking about you!!! Why can't I forget about you?! Why have you had this effect on me?!

"No calls, no texts, nothing but i’m still here thinking about you like Crazy" I hate you for what you did to me. I can't keep being strong.

De viagra pillen werken prima hè. Je bent vandaag een grotere lul als gister.

Dutch humor: Those Viagra pills are really working! You are a bigger dick today than yersterday.

Don't act like you know me, because you don't...JUST SAYING!!!

Bitches who think they know it all! Or someone who I used to be when I fucked with you. Learn that ppl change and they aren't the same once they're gone!

Voor meer prachtige teksten..  https://www.facebook.com/Gezelligheidmeteenknipoog

Voor meer prachtige teksten.. https://www.facebook.com/Gezelligheidmeteenknipoog


I am not a one in a million girl. I am a once in a lifetime kind of woman.Country Girl Quotes And Sayings