Color Block Puzzles

Color Block Puzzles

Remember these? Origami fortune teller (or chatterbox) from Minieco #printables

Origami fortune teller (aka chatterbox!)

Ocean Theme Alphabet Shells Sensory Bin for learning and fun in preschool and kindergarten!

Ocean Theme Alphabet Shells Sensory Bin

Block patterns using small building blocks.

5 fun DiY for kids The weekend is coming (yay!) It’s time to fun family times. How about building a fort? Maybe you prefer make a memory game or create an instrument. Here are 5 fun DiY for kids made.

Lego Activities for Learning and Play Over 25 ideas to bookmark for later!

Lego Ideas for Hands On Play

Make learning even more fun with these educational LEGO activities. Your student will build on their math, science, literacy, and creativity skills as they enjoy the fun of LEGO creation.