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One of the greatest signs of allah is the unimaginable mercy he puts into a couples heart❤️ marriage is beautiful💘

That's my fav words that comes out when I am angry or stressed out! Lol

Allah is arabic for The God. Its not my god vs. your god. When we say omG, we r all referring to the same God, whether we like it or not. God is one and the same, known by the best names, and closer to us than our own jugular vein.

24. A good word is like giving alms (sadaqa). - Hadith - The Prophet Muhammad

40 Hadith - 40 Hadis - The Prophet Muhammad(P.H) - ﷺ - Hz. Muhammed(S.V) - sallallahou alayhe wasallam

Alhamdulillah More

About Islam helps Muslims grow in faith and spirituality, supports new Muslims in learning their religion and builds bridges with fellow human beings.

I need to be reminded of this every day.

mybeautyishijab: “ Difficult times are meant to bring you closer to the Almighty. So if you’re having a rough day or tough month, be calm. Let His Plan unfold.